Liver Cancer

The newest discovery about liver cancer – do not sleep too late!

Doctors in National Taiwan Hospital have shocked the world recently by finding a case of young doctor of 37 years old that trusted his good SGPT and SGOT tests, turned out that by the Chinese New Year early this year he got positive 10 centimeters of liver cancer.

As far as nowadays almost all people were dependent on the Liver Function Index. People think that if the index is okay, everything with the liver will be okay.

Many specialist doctors also understand this kind of misunderstanding. This is really shocking that doctors who should have given right information to general public, in the contrary, they have wrong knowledge.

Prevention of liver cancer must be done with the right way from the start. Doctor Hsu Chin Chuan said that there was no other way except to detect and to cure as early as possible.

The Misleading Results of Medical Reports

Ironically, doctors who treated liver cancer could have wrong opinion, even mislead the community. That is why there is not any easy way to cure liver cancer.

One of doctor Hsu’s patient complained that he suffered stomachache for one month and lost a lot of weight. The ultrasound checking later done found a big cancer lump in his liver; almost 80% of his original liver.

Very understandable the patient was in great shock. He could not believe that despite his last year result revealed nothing, only in one year later he developed so big cancer growth.

It turned out that the checking was only for liver function. The test showed “normal” values. Liver function check is one that is well known by general public, but that is not enough. This item is the most misunderstood by the general public in Taiwan [the writer lived there].

General public believes that if the results of the liver function index are not normal it means there is no problem with the liver. Unfortunately this point of view are wrong, there are so much sad stories because they don’t have the opportunity to detect the cancer since the beginning of the stage.

According to doctor Hsu, SGPT and SGOT are the most frequently enzymes we can find in the liver cells. If there is liver inflammation or because one or another reason the liver die, it will cause the counts of SGPT and SGOT high in blood.

In the event the SGPT and SGOT levels in the blood remain same, it doesn’t mean that the liver is not hardened or cancerous. For many of liver inflammation sufferers even if the inflammation in their hearts stop, the liver still become fibrous and hardened. With the hardened liver formation, it will make the liver easier to become cancer.

Beside, in the early liver cancer stadium, liver index will not raise high enough to alarm the doctor. Because at the time where the cancer cells grow, it will only attack the cells around the liver itself until they are destroyed.

As the damage is still in small scale, the SGPT and SGOT levels are still in the normal range, let say even if there is a little hike that is not a concern yet. But because many people don’t understand about this, it will cause many sad stories.

The main reasons of the liver damage:

  1. Too late sleep and too late wake up are the main cause.
  2. Not regularly emptying the bowel in the morning.
  3. Too much eating (barbeque, fried food with unhealthy cooking oil. Reduce the use of cooking oil, even if you use the one considered the best quality like olive oil). Fried food must be finished as soon as possible, don’t keep it.
  4. Not eating breakfast.
  5. Too much drug consumption or narcotic drugs.
  6. Too much preservatives, monosodium glutamate, food additive, coloring agent, synthetic sweetener.
  7. Consumption of raw food or half-cooked food.
  8. Smoking or being a passive smoker.

We must do [cancer] prevention without spending more money. Change your lifestyle and your daily eating habit. Your eating-habit and eating-time maintenance are conditions very crucial for your body to do the absorption and elimination of waste substances.

Listed below are the crucial periods most people don’t understand; or they understand but ignore it as they don’t understand their importance:

  1. 9 PM – 11 PM is the time for detoxification of waste product from your lymph nodes. During this time you have to allow yourself in the calm and serene atmosphere or listening to the music (it’s better if you are already asleep). If at that time a housewife is still in the hectic situation, for example: doing the dishes or look after her children, who are still studying, it will have a negative impact to her health.
  2. 11 PM – 1 AM: This is the time to process detoxification in the liver, it must be done in deep-sleep condition.
  3. 1 AM – 3 AM: This is the time to process detoxification in the gallbladder, also it is best if you are in deep-sleep condition.
  4. 3 AM – 5 AM: Detoxification in the lung, that’s why the cough sufferer will experience a severe cough during this time. Because the detoxification process already reaches the respiratory tract, you don’t have to use the cough medicine, as it will block the detoxification process. For smokers the process won’t take place perfectly.
  5. 5 AM – 7 AM: Detoxification in the colon, you have to empty your bowel.
  6. 7 AM – 9 AM: This is the time for food absorption in the small intestines, you have to eat breakfast. For sick people, it’s better to eat the breakfast earlier, before 6.30 AM. Breakfast before 7.30 AM is good for your health. For many that are not having breakfast, please change your habit; even it’s still better if you eat the breakfast late until 9 – 10 am than never having it at all.

Sleeping too late at night and wake up too late in the morning will mess up the elimination process of the waste product. Besides, from the midnight hour until 4 AM is the time for the spinal cord to produce the blood. So, have a good sleep and don’t stay up!

You can prevent yourself from not suffering from “non-illness” disease!