Preventing Heart Murmurs Naturally

Omega 3 Can Prevent Heart Murmurs Naturally Without Side Effects

If ever you took time to listen to one’s heart and heard a swooshing sound with every beat, you might be listening to either a problematic heart or a normal process of the heart. Normally, you can hear two heart sounds in every beat – the classic “lub-dub”. But there are instances where in the heart deviates with the normal and exhibits extra heart sounds, the S3, S4 and the heart murmurs (that swooshing sound you have heard).

Physiologic versus Pathologic Heart Murmurs

Heart murmurs can either be physiologic or pathologic. Physiologic murmurs are normal murmurs or often termed as innocent or functional murmurs. These murmurs occur as normal response to gushing of blood through the valves and are very common in children. This kind of murmur commonly disappears as the child age. Although this can also be heard on adults, functional murmurs don’t usually pose a serious problem. However, its counterpart does.

Pathologic heart murmurs reflect a defective heart. It can be the result of a weakened heart muscle or a weakened heart valve that results to a backflow of blood. When blood flows back from one chamber to the other, it meets with the incoming blood causing that signature swooshing sound of a murmur. A murmur, in itself, is harmless. It is simply an objective assessment data that reflects an underlying disease process.

Causes of Heart Murmurs

As mentioned above, heart murmurs reflect a defective heart. It is caused by a lot of heart problems. Usually, a defective heart valve causes murmurs.

Common heart valves diseases are as follows:

  • Mitral valve prolapse: This refers to the incomplete closure of the mitral valve that causes the regurgitation of blood causing that swooshing or clicking sound heard from a stethoscope.
  • Aortic Sclerosis: This is the stiffening of the aortic valve commonly seen in people with atherosclerosis.
  • Mitral valve and Aortic valve Stenosis: This refers to the calcification of the heart valves or, simply put, the hardening of the valve caused by scarring due to infection or injury.
  • Mitral or Aortic regurgitation: this refers to the backflow of blood.

The following conditions may also cause the occurrence of a heart murmur:

  • Anemia
  • Hyperthermia (Fever)
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • High blood pressure
  • Pregnancy

Treatment for Heart Murmurs

Pathologic heart murmurs do require interventions that focus on the underlying disease process. Certain medications will be given that are specific to the cause of the murmur. Hence, it is essential that the cause of the murmur be identified as soon as possible. So, if ever you have heard one from yourself or from others, have yourself or that other checked up by a specialist to rule out pathologic heart murmur. If the condition is really worse, surgery is often the last result and for good reasons – it costs a lot.

Prevention of Heart Murmurs

Medications and surgeries do cost you a lot. Hence, it is practical to prevent it than to treat it. Prevention of heart murmurs focuses on the prevention of its underlying disorder. Often, the cause is weakened heart muscles caused by a reduction of blood supply secondary to a coronary artery disease. Infection can also cause a significant failure of the valves as with rheumatic heart disease.

Preventing the occurrence of lifestyle dependent diseases like coronary artery diseases can easily be done. With some significant modification of lifestyle such as having proper exercise and proper diet, such disease can be prevented and hence prevent the occurrence or reoccurrence of heart murmurs. Food supplements rich in Omega 3 have also been proven to be effective in preventing the onset of such diseases.

Prevent Heart Murmurs With Omega 3 Fish Oil

In the latest studies, it has been shown that Omega 3 significantly decreases the production of plasma triglycerides that plays a major role in the development of ischemic heart disease (that, in the later part of the disease process, causes murmurs). And in the topic of Omega 3 as a food supplement, Xtend-Life is a reliable source. A company located deep within the clean and pristine environments of New Zealand, Xtend-Life offers a pure and fresh Omega 3 supplements derived from the freshest fish oils. Come to think of it, one simple food supplement can help you go away from heart diseases and say goodbye to heart murmurs.


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