Side Effects of Statins

You Can Lower Your Cholesterol Without Side Effects of Statins


When it comes to heart disease and stroke it is important to understand the role that diet plays. 50% of strokes and heart attacks that are caused by oxidized cholesterol can be reversed by changing your diet and getting the right nutritional supplements.

Antioxidants such as flavanoids help prevent cholesterol from oxidizing. When cholesterol is oxidized it causes the arteries to harden. But when cholesterol is unoxidized it is completely harmless. Even when it is elevated. And the great thing about flavanoids is that they are readily available in vegetables and nutritional supplements. Some important vitamins include Vitamins C,E,D and K.

So what are the side effects of statins? Statins are know to cause liver enzymes to rise which can ultimately lead to liver failure. It can also lead to rhabdomyoylsis which is the breakdown of muscle fibers.

Experts have recently warned those taking statin drugs to immediately stop if they experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Muscle tenderness
  • Weakness
  • Muscle pain
  • General tiredness

These signs are nothing to play with. They can cause serious muscle damage and possibly lead to death. The FDA recently took cervivastatin off the market due to the large number of deaths associated with it. Combining multiple drugs can greatly increase the negative side effects of statins.

Other studies have found that 1 in 10 people will develop muscle damage as a result of taking these drugs. A Danish study found that nerve degeneration is up to 14 times more likely for those who take statin drugs for an extended period of time. Nerve degeneration can lead to pain and trouble walking.

Other dangerous side effects of statins include brain function. These drugs can cause memory loss, irritability and personality changes. And if you have Alzheimer’s or a family history of Alzheimer’s you must be extra careful when taking such medications. But all of these can be prevented by making sure you eat a healthy diet and get the right antioxidants.

Some of the vitamins and supplements you should include in your diet are:

  • A multivitamin/mineral supplement without iron in a powder form, either in a capsule or in bulk
  • Magnesium ascorbate (buffered vitamin C): 1000 mg three times a day on an empty stomach between meals
  • Magnesium citramate: 500 mg twice a day with meals
  • L-carnitine: 500 mg twice a day on an empty stomach (improves heart strength)
  • CoQ10: 150 mg a day (in olive or rice brain oil) (alternative is Idebenone, 50 mg twice a day)
  • Quercetin: 500 mg three times a day with meals
  • Green tea extract (decaffeinated): 100 mg a day (see Rooibos tea below)
  • Grape seed extract: 100 mg a day
  • Vitamin D: 1,000 IU a day

If you are currenty taking a statin drug you should speak to your doctor about any concerns you may have. You should have your cholesterol levels checked again in 3 months and 6 months. Once the doctor sees how you eating right has improved your health he might suggest it to other patients.

We hear a lot about tea these days and how it can help improve health. Rooibos tea, also know as redbush tea, is one of them. It is a tea that has been used in South Africa for over a decade.

Those who use it have reported great health benefits. And thankfully science has caught up to it and proves these claims. Extensive scientific evidence now backs up the reports that tea has a great deal of health benefits.

One study even shows that tea is a strong protector cirrhosis of the liver. In fact, tea was found to be just as powerful as the supplement N-acetyl-L-cysteine which is used to treat cirrhosis. N-acetyl-L-cysteine works by increasing the levels of glutathione in your body. Taking N-acetyl-L-cysteine with 2 cups of rooibos tea everyday will not only help protect your liver, but it will also protect your brain and other parts of your body.

Other studies also show that tea can help protect against injury to cells and tissues caused by radiation. It also helps prevent mutations that can eventually lead to cancer. And unlike most teas, rooibos does not affect the absorption of iron in the body. This is very important for women who are pre-menopausal or going through pregnancy. It is even said that rooibos tea can help prevent the HIV virus from damaging cells.

The great thing about rooibos tea is that it is naturally sweet. That puts it a notch about green tea and black tea. It also contains no caffeine and it has no harmful ingredients. So if you drink coffee, this tea is a great alternative.

When it boils down to it you can eliminate the side effects of statins by eating a healthy diet and getting the right supplements everyday.