Does Breast Cancer Require Chemo?

Breast Cancer Facts: Why it happens, what to do, what to avoid


And the most daunting question is “Does breast cancer require chemo?”

Breast cancer is probably the most occurrence of cancer suffered by women. These types of cancer tumors hardly ever attack men but they gave significant havoc towards family members and also friends. Exceptionally sadly that 40,598 women died from the disease out of the total of 202,964 women who contracted breast cancer in 2007.

Healthcare doctors most often encourage women to early-detect the condition, as ahead of time detection will heighten the possibility of making it through breast cancer.

Mammogram is the technique usually selected by doctors to be able to detect breast cancer. However especially for women who are with the biggest family genetically risk can by themselves cause breast cancer.

Studies show that mammograms elevate the chance of promoting breast cancer from 1-3 % a year, which means that, if you have a mammogram every year for 10 years, your chance goes up from 10 percents to 30 %. And many radiation professionals think the probability is much larger.

On the other hand, all agree with the fact that breast is one part of the body most sensitive to growing cancer from radiation exposure.

Also, as women age, they can be very likely to get cancer tumor cells inside their breast area. By age fifty or so, the number grows to 45%. However, that doesn’t mean that 45% of 50-year-old will acquire breast cancer, due to the fact in many women these cancer cells continue to be inactive.

Yes, you can even cure breast cancer without invasive surgery and debilitating chemotherapy

What it really entails is that most of these women are at high-risk acquiring cancer cells grow to full action.

There are 2 varieties of breast cancer with respect to the estrogen varieties, negative or positive. Essentially the most perilous breast cancer is actually estrogen-negative.

A lot of women are aware that treatment with hormone replacement could heighten their likelihood of forming breast cancer; however not many are aware that the sort of estrogen they consume is very important. Estradiol, among the most powerful kind of estrogen alternative, is related to a greater probability, and this likewise the case with Premarin, the most typical hormone replacement. Moreover, this artificial type of estrogen variety brings a number of neurological side effects.

Various other types of estrogen, for instance estrone and also estriol that are utilized in natural hormone treatment basically decrease breast cancer threat and may also help reduce its expansion. A few plant flavonoids (chemical compounds obtained in vegetables and fruit) contain rather weak estrogen-like outcomes, which will make all of them important players in breast cancer avoidance and therapy.

One particular purpose of vegetable flavonoids is they may take steps simply by preventing the potent influence of cancer-causing estrogen by obstructing the estrogen receptors in breast-ducts’ areas.

The Genetic Risks of Breast Cancer in Relation to Taking Hormon Replacement Therapy

There’s a quite strong correlation of amplified danger among genes, which have been mutated and breast cancer.

  • BRCA-1 (breast cancer 1)
  • BRCA-2 (breast cancer 2)
  • ATM (ataxia telangiectasia mutated) genes

Women who have got these types of genes own a higher chance of acquiring cancer of the breast, and they are more responsive to breast radiation exposure.

These genes, should they be not damaged, do essential function in mending damaged DNA that is most certainly through frequent onslaught from free radicals volatile molecules which are the contributors of the process of aging and also damages of the tissues.

In many men and women, 98% of free radical damage is repaired through DNA repair enzymes. However those who already have mutated repair genes have a problem executing this specific important task. Consequently, they will have noticeably greater cancer probability.

Our DNA Repair Genes Are Likely to be Damaged When We Get Older

Following a good lifestyle and eating good food supplements bring a crucial role in intensifying DNA repair and conserving genes. Some of the good DNA function protectors are:

  • Curcumin
  • Quercetin
  • Glutathione
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Selenium
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Resveratrol
  • Alpha-lipoic acid

Niacinamide, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and folate are important substances in DNA repairs. You can read more about good foods for cancer in another article.

These nutritional ingredients have demonstrated in laboratory that they can cut back cancer chance in experimental mice and humans.

Averting Breast Cancer Naturally by Eating a Lot of Vegetables

Some fruits can certainly perform the somewhat same usage. Studies reveal that most cancers, and definitely not only breast cancers experience advantage by demonstrating extraordinary reductions in the chance if the cancer sufferers also include good vegetables, plus lower levels of food additives, preservatives and omega 6 oils.

Cancer development-controlling and cancer-obstruction capacities of the complex chemicals in flavonoids can be found in vegetables. The best part is because they can do same function and with better safety than “loaded-with-side-effects” chemotherapy.

Carotenoids, vitamin E and C are a lesser versatile and potent as antioxidants as compared with flavonoids that can achieve a lot of wonder too.

Some recent studies have revealed that one particular cell-signaling system and enzymes actually, control the growth of breast cancer. Phospholipase A2, NFkB, LOX, Cox-2 and tyrosine kinase are the enzymes introduced in those scientific studies.

Hindering these enzymes is one method in making the cancerous cells frequently disappear or stop growing. This is successfully done through a method called apoptosis or the death of cells by blocking these culprit enzymes and modifying cell-signaling among them. Luteolin, apigenin, curcumin and quercetin, they are in the group of vegetable flavonoid, which don’t affect normal cells in the body but will obstruct these enzymes in cancerous cells.

You have read this far and I believe you still have this question “Does breast cancer require chemo?” in the back of your mind. If that is true, keep on reading!

There is another big player enzyme called aromatase. By influencing the ductal tissues in the breast, aromatase enzyme makes them to generating higher level of estrogen that in certain cases could be as high as 40 folds than usual. Except of its character in developing breast cancer, this enzyme might also be the primary cause in prostate cancer. Pharmaceutical firms have thrown away a large amount of money attempting to compose drugs for stopping aromatase.

Flavonoid apigenin probably one of all-powerful element, which is extracted from celery has been recognized it can block aromatase enzyme more forcefully as compared to pharmaceutical drug, often 9 times better. From teas, onions apples and cranberries we could produce powerful flavonoid known as quercetin that could stop aromatase somewhat around 1 – 2 times better.

Another component, which can suppress cancer-promoting enzymes, is DHA, most often made from fish oil and algae. The fish oil most likely is the finest if made from krill or deep sea salmon which content is very rich. DHA has been proven could especially stop breast cancer cells expansion.

Typically DHA cannot be bought by itself but is blended with omega 3 oil. Buy omega 3 supplement rich in DHA. Why do you want to purchase omega 3 rich in DHA from deep-sea fish, as opposed to fish from farming? That is because algae almost non-existence in farm water; significant quantity of algae only available in deeper seas.

It is essential to note, since this is definitely not widely known yet, because soy extracts or genistein possesses the capability to induce the action of aromatase. For this reason eating soy extracts has to be decreased if not avoided, particularly for women for the reason soy can elevate the advancement and spread of breast cancer. Having said that, fermented soy product like “tempeh” or soy sauce are perfect due to the fact fermentation process has changed the content in such a way evolves into good.


  1. Like any other diseases, preventing is always better than curing. You would better change your life style to prevent getting breast cancer.
  2. Now when it already happens with you, this raises the original question: “Does breast cancer require chemo?”. The answer is: “you might not need chemo if it is not too late yet” but you need to get access to doctor(s) who has the knowledge and experience to cure cancer without surgery and chemo.
  3. You need to educate yourself first by reading “breaking news” books about how to cure cancer naturally, without invasive surgery and debilitating chemotherapy. Click the link to buy books from Amazon about these: Doctors Who Cure Cancers Without Chemo.

[1] Tempeh is a traditional soy product originally from Indonesia. It is made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans into a cake form, similar to a very firm vegetarian burger patty. Tempeh is unique among major traditional soy foods in that it is the only one that did not originate in the Sinosphere.
[1] Source: Wikipedia