Positive Thinking Makes Us Healthy

Thinking positively makes us happy

Thinking negatively make us stressed

And stress makes us sick!

Negative Attitude

  • When we see the same blessings every day, we eventually stop noticing them.
  • When we stop noticing, we quit appreciating.
  • When we quit appreciating, we stop thanking.
  • When we stop thanking, we start complaining.

(Kent Crockett)

What would happen if we stop complaining? Let’s reverse those sentences above.

Positive Attitude

  • When we stop complaining, we start thanking.
  • When we start thanking, we start appreciating.
  • When we start appreciating, we start noticing.
  • When we start noticing, we see new blessing everyday.

So, let’s stop complaining then we shall see new blessing everyday and becomes healthy – free of charge!  :)